Welcome to Plasma Boy's EV Video Collection

See videos dating from 1984 to present of John's various EVs...from local TV news footage of the long range Red Beastie Toyota pickup, to national coverage of his snappy electric hotrod Datsun 1200 sedan Blue Meanie, to outrageous White Zombie tire ignition sequences, to the most recent 10 second Zombie 1/4 mile runs, it's all here.

2011, Portland, Oregon ...'The Ride Show' at the Portland International Auto Show - Nik Miles talks about White Zombie

2011, Portland, Oregon ...PDX TV Interview with Plasma Boy about White Zombie at the Portland International Auto Show

2010 at PIR ...Zombie Rises to Fight Another Day- J Bills Portland Auto Show feature Video

The White Zombie Summer 2010 Compilation from J Bills on Vimeo.