-----------------------Meet the Plasma Boy Racing Crew!----------------------

Despite what they may tell you, there is no particular order of importance here :-)

Tim 'Cool Hand Luke' Brehm - the Zombie's driver and lead mechanic.

Marissa 'Plasma Girl' Wayland - PR manager and media specialist

Marko Mongillo - Plasma Boy's longtime EV sidekick and metal fab expert, he's
the guy who makes all of the custom metal parts for the Zombie.

Jim 'Motor Dog' Husted - Both a sponsor through 'Hi Torque Electric' and our expert motor builder

Gaylen 'Gator' Aust - mechanical, electrical, and anything else you throw at him!

Bruce 'Doc' Sherry - BMS designer and data collections expert.

Carol Brown - Our expert action photographer!

J. 'Mr. Softy' Bills - our very own videographer!

Rich 'Madman' Rudman - it's great to have both Manzanita Micro as a sponsor
and The Madman himself on the team as our high powered charger expert!

Bob 'Make it Happen' Fagliano - Special Projects coordinator & Go to Guy!

Steve 'The Taunter' Schrab - talks muscle car owners into racing the Zombie
and brings assembly and organizational skills to the team.