Zombie History

------------------------------------ 2008 VERSION-----------------------------------

"I've always wanted to see the 'zombie' in action... that thing is a friggin rocket! 11.5 over the 1/4 mile, that's awesome! It does sound like a cordless drill on steroids!"

(quote from the Datsun 1200 Club web site - stylized image created from another action photograph by Carol Brown)

Special Note:

This was the first time in 11 years straight, that White Zombie was absent from the drag racing scene. A long 4 month wait for a front section armature for the Siamese 8 motor (see 'Carnage' Late 2007) and a rebuild that included a couple of new mods sidelined the car from January through June. Our expected July-August delivery of the new lithium battery pack never happened when the sponsorship fell through. Other than the motor work, no other changes were made to the car.

  • Motor:

    After the long wait for parts to arrive, the Siamese 8 motor was reinstalled in early June:

    The 2008 version of the motor now has adjustable brush timing on the front section (0-15 degrees advanced) so that when being reversed the timing can be set at neutral - then returned to 15 degrees for forward motion, while the rear section is fixed at 15 degrees advanced. These photos show the timing lever, and the new reluctor wheel (for the EVision metering system's sensor) sandwiched between the Zilla tach sensor and the front section's end bell shaft stub. Special thanks to Jim Husted at Hi Torque Electric for the untiring support and expert motor artistry:

  • Other Mods:

    The new reluctor and motor-mounted sensor cured the eratic reading problems encountered with the previous arrangement where the sensor was mounted under the car and reading the driveshaft universal lobes, for the 'EVision' EV data system. Special thanks to Victor Tichonov at Metric Mind for his support. Here are just two of the numerous display functions of this fantastic device:

  • PR and EVents

    May... 'NW Magazine' releases its May-June issue featuring electric drag racing and White Zombie:

    7-28-2008 'Gasless on Greenwood' car show in Seattle...the newly rebuilt motor had been installed just in time for White Zombie to once again, make the trip to Seattle to be displayed at this fun hot rod show. This was the only public appearance of the car for 2008:

    8-16-2008...The UK enthusiast magazine 'Retro Cars' sends pro photographer Darren Maybury over to the USA to do a photoshoot for a feature story on White Zombie and its brother Blue Meanie, slated for an early 2009 issue:

    11-13-2008...Filmed back in 2007, Oregon Public Broadcasting takes nearly a year and a half to finally release its episode 'Electric drag Racing' on the show 'Oregon Field Guide'. After it was aired on TV, it was then made available for on-line viewing at the OPB website. Just three weeks later, the electric drag racing episode had been viewed more than 160,000 times - making it the most popular show in Oregon Field Guide's 20 year run! After two months time the video had been viewed nearly a half million times at 460,000 hits! You can watch the 9 minute story here:

    12-12-2008...The January 2009 issue of 'Retro Cars', with a familiar little white car on the lower portion of the cover, is released. This is their special 'Power' issue...an electric car considered 'powerful' - Mission accomplished!: