Zombie History

---------------------------------------- 2005 LATE VERSION ----------------------------------------
  • Motor:

    'Siamese 8' dual armature with selectable series/parallel wiring.

  • Drive type:

    Direct drive. No reverse.

  • Driveshaft:

    Single piece all aluminum driveline from 'Inland Empire Drivelines'. Driveline loop.

  • Rear axle:

    Dutchman heavy duty Street-strip Ford nine inch rear axle setup with 31 spline racing axles, air shocks & traction bars, 4:57 gears and Detroit locker. The low ratio gear set really made for spectacular launches! Taken from a video camera, this not-so-clear frame captured the effect of massive electric torque, sticky tires, and that 4:57 gear set:

  • Wheels & tires:

    Front - Eagle 5 spoke 13 x 5.5 alloys with 4 bolt Nissan rear drive offset and 175/50/13 Nitto Exit GS radials.

    Rear - Eagle 5 spoke 14 x 6 alloys with 5 bolt Ford front drive offset and BF Goodrich 'TA Drag Radials' (24" dia.)

  • Batteries:

    29, 12 volt, 24.5 lb. Hawker 'Aerobatteries' 26 ahr @ 348V nominal, 710 lbs. total pack weight.

  • Controller:

    Zilla Z2k 2000 amp controller with Hairball interface. Programable automatic series-parallel contactor control. Quick-pull emergency disconnect.

  • 12 volt system:

    16 ahr Hawker Genesis 12V battery with 2nd gen. 30 amp Todd DC-DC modified to run at high voltage (up through Sept.). In October after the DC-DC failed, we added an Anderson style 50 amp 12V port in rear to receive a 12V boost from a removable Exide Orbital 50 ahr battery that allowed enough capacity for the car to be driven at night to and from the race track while keeping the lights powered up. Trackside, the 40 lb. battery would be removed and the under-hood 16 ahr 12V battery ran the 12V system unassisted. The 12V Orbital was placed in the location formerly occupied by the DC-DC converter:

  • Other Mods:

    (1) Added travel limit chains to the front A arms.

    (2) Removed front sway bar for better weight transfer.

  • Car weight:

    2416 lbs. race weight (est)

  • Races and EVents

    9-24-2005 PIR street drags...best ET 12.424 @ 103.57 mph. (below left) Going through tech inspection. (below right) In the staging lanes with the other muscle cars:

    9-28-2005 PIR 'King of the Track' finals...best ET 12.151 @ 106.25 mph and new class SC/A world record! This was Tim Brehm's first time at bracket racing. (below left) Our fellow drag racers are always interested to peek under the hood to see what makes an electric drag car tick. (below right) White Zombie takes on a classic V8 hotrod:

    Though we lost this final round of bracket racing to an 11 second 600+hp Camaro, we were still thrilled to have turned the car's best time ever. The PIR timeslip printer's ink was low, but the Photoshop-enhanced image below gives the details of this super quick 1/4 mile run (video of this run is available at the 'Videos' page). Note that even against such a formidable machine, White Zombie was still quicker to the 60 ft. and 330 ft. markers!:

    10-21-2005 PIR 'Late Night Drags in the Park' ...best ET 12.332 @ 103.67 mph. (below) Plasma Boy taking a break with his machine:

    10-22-2005 PIR 'Late Night Drags in the Park' ...best ET 12.245 @ 104.50 mph Best 60 ft. 1.591, Best 1/8 mile ET 7.628 @ 87.42 mph

    12-18-2005 'Inliner's Club' winter car show..White Zombie on display

  • Carnage:

    (1) Toasted Todd 30 amp DC-DC converter on way to track in Sept.

  • Plasmaboy Quotes:

    (1) "I know that a 12.2 @ 110 mph isn't going to happen instantly. More than likely, it will take many trips to the track just to get back into the 12's, but, you'll certainly hear me hoot'n and holler'n when the car does anything better than a 12.99 ... it 'will' happen. Maybe by the time Wooodburn comes around in late July, mid 12's @ 104-105 mph will be on hand."

    (2) "Yeah, the car is an animal now, plain and simple. We never did crank up the power all the way as it's uncontrollable off the line even on a sticky drag track. Tim and the Zombie were in a battle to see who was the boss....on this day, the Zombie pretty much had it's way with Tim, though towards the end he was starting to get the upper hand."

    (3) "It seems I've come up with a good formula for drag racing success with this latest combination of the Siamese 8 motor, the lighter and stronger aluminum driveline, the Z2K Zilla, the pack of awesome Hawker AeroBatteries at 348V, and the lower car weight due to all the aforementioned changes."

    (4) "Tim and I are already discussing ways to get the car even quicker and we now believe it's possible to get into the high 11's some day without gutting the car, without tubbing the rear body, without wrinkle walls, and all the while keeping the car in the spirit of being street legal in all ways. The car is still a stock Datsun 1200 sedan with all its original body panels, bumpers, window glass, interior panels, dash, carpets, etc. More to come later..."

    (5) "For the immediate future, we're looking at keeping everything the same except for a few changes. The first, is to build and install new longer traction bars to reduce spring wind-up, as the current ones have their snubber hitting about 3 inches behind the leading spring eye. The new ones will place the snubber (fitted with a poly skateboard wheel instead of the soft rubber cushion it presently has) right at the spring eye pivot. The second, is to slightly turn up the battery current limit from 900 amps to 1000 amps. Higher battery amps will extend the run time in series mode, and in the parallel mode will give a bit more push at the end of the track, too. With just these two changes and knowing that the pack is still gaining strength, with any luck we'll go deeper into the 12s with maybe a 12.4 @ 105 mph or maybe even a 12.3 @ 106 mph."

    (6) "I was at the wheel of the car and had just pulled away from the house and was about 2 blocks away when there was an ear ringing BANG! The inside of the car filled with light smoke and the stench of blown electronics! After about 15 minutes of head scratching and frustration, I decided to continue on to the track where I figured we could resume trouble shooting. The mystery problem was soon unmasked as I noticed dimming headlights, dull dash illumination, and the 12V system meter registering 12V on the nose rather than the 14.5V it usually displays. Yup, the DC-DC had blown up!"

    (7) "We had a full and productive day on Saturday, where Tim and I made several suspension mods. We added travel limiting chains to the front A arms to keep the springs from flopping loose during front end lift (as they had been doing), and we removed the front sway bar to help unload the front end to help in weight transfer to the back. We also planned on softening the rear tire air pressure a bit, too, once we were at the track. The DC-DC converter was toasted badly, as the inside was a charred mess of blown components! Tim and I added a removable Orbital to the trunk that snapped into circuit via a 50 amp Anderson quick disconnect to subsidize the car's 12V system during the trips to and from the track."

    (8) "I decided it was time to do some tweaking and cranked up the power by adjusting the Zilla to pull an extra 100 amps from the powerful Hawker Aerobatteries at a full 1000 amps over the previous 900 limit. I had also turned up the series mode motor loop current from 1700 to 1850 amps. Rear tire pressure was dropped to 17 psi. Tim launched, and I mean LAUNCHED, White Zombie off the blocks with both front tires about 3-4 inches off the ground that brought a big WHOA!!!! from the crowd! How's a 1.64 second 60 ft. time sound? How about an insane 7.76 1/8th mile? And, how 'bout that 12.424 ET?"

    (9) "On just 2/3 charge level in the pack, the 60 ft. mark was still the best ever at a scorching 1.611! The 1/8 mile time was down a pinch at 7.602, but the speed was almost 88 mph, at 87.87 mph, the fastest ever through the 1/8 mile marker. The quarter mile ET was also the best ever at 12.151 @ 106.25 mph...the quickest and fastest a street legal door slammer electric has ever run, and the final reset of the SC/A class world record. After driving to the track, kicking butt on V8s all night with high octain fast charges and extreme discharges from the Hawker AeroBatteries through the Zilla Z2K into that custom Siamese 8 motor and down the aluminum driveshaft to that killer Dutchman rear end setup...everything worked perfectly, no arcing, no sparking, no snapped axles, no blown controller, no blown batteries, and a motor who's brushes and coms looked like they had just taken a 35 mph cruise through a neighborhood! We did the final charge and simply drove home."