Zombie History

---------------------------------------- 2000 LATE VERSION ----------------------------------------
  • Motor:

    Removed dead Kostov and installed dual NetGain (Warfield) 'Warp 8' 8 inch series-wound motors (Motors hard wired in series mode only). (225 lbs.)

    The first step was to design and build a custom aluminum twin motor mount for the two new Warfield 8 inch motors.

    'Sure Power Products' anodized the motor mount (plus the controller mount and 12V accsessory battery mount), then the motors were strapped into place and installed in the car.

  • Drive type:

    Direct drive, no tranny, no reverse. Motor shafts connected with splined coupler between front and rear motors.

  • Driveshaft:

    New shorter custom two piece driveline replaces previous one. New flange coupler machined for rear 8 inch motor shaft. Front and rear driveline loops.

  • Rear axle:

    '57 Ford nine inch axle setup out of a V8 Chevy LUV minitruck. 4:11 gears. Locked minispool. Air shocks & traction bars.

  • Wheels & tires:

    Front - Eagle 5 spoke 13 x 5.5 alloys with 4 bolt Nissan rear drive offset and 175/50/13 Nitto Exit GS radials.

    Rear - Eagle 5 spoke 14 x 6 alloys with 5 bolt Ford front drive offset and DOT street legal Nitto 'Extreme Drag Radials' (22" dia.)

  • Batteries:

    28, 12 volt Hawker Genesis 16ahr @ 336V nominal, 378 lbs. total pack weight.

  • Controller:

    Godzilla 1200 amp programable controller, no series-parallel shifting yet.

  • 12 volt system:

    Baby Optima YT, no DC-DC - external charging required.

  • Other Mods:


  • Car weight:

    2025 lbs. (est.)

  • Races and EVents

    10-21-2000 Sacramento 'Silent Thunder' ...best ET 13.55 @ 92 mph, stuck in series mode!

  • Carnage:


  • Plasmaboy Quotes:

    (1) Pre-Sacramento 'Silent Thunder' races... "Thursday, Oct. 19th, I was finishing up the last minute twin motor mods to the Zombie and getting everything ready for the Sacramento drag races. Marko caught up with me in the late afternoon, and we worked through the evening until pretty late. Friday morning, Oct. 20th, there was still work to be done on the car, but by 1:30 PM Marko and I finally departed for the 600+ mile road trip to Sacramento."

    (2) Post-Sacramento races..."At the 'Silent Thunder' EV drags in Sacramento, even with the pooped-out three year old Hawker battery pack wheezing, steaming, and down 200 amps from being able to cleanly belt out 800 amps down the full run of the strip (barely giving 600 amps), and lacking the ability to switch from series to parallel, the Zombie with its new twin motor setup stuck in the series wiring mode was still able to pull off a 13.55 second run!"

    3) Post-Sacramento races..."I did the math, before ever trying out the car and knew that the two motors were not just a match for the bigger Kostov, but in fact, that they would actually make more power. I had figured that wired in series, the car would have the same or slightly better out of the hole acceleration, and this was born out in Sacramento."