Zombie History

---------------------------------------- 1998 EARLY VERSION ----------------------------------------
  • Motor:

    11 inch race-modified Kostov (178 lbs.)

  • Drive type:

    Datsun 5 speed. Replaced Nissan Comp. pressure plate with an extreme duty 'Clutchnet' full race pressure plate. Retained three puck solid copper disc.

  • Driveshaft:

    Custom made heavy duty type drive line with stronger universal joints.

  • Rear axle:

    Heavy duty Nissan from '67 Datsun SSS 411 sedan, chopped and narrowed, 4:88 gear set from a '66 Datsun pickup.

  • Wheels & tires:

    Front - 13 x 5.5 classic American Racing 4 spoke with 175/50/13 Pirelli P7.

    Rear - 13 x 7 classic American Racing 4 spokes with 9" wide 'Hoosier' drag slicks. 1/2 inch spacers so slicks would clear the leaf springs.

  • Batteries:

    (left) Battery pack change to lighter, much higher voltage system. Removed the 780 lbs. of Optima Red Top SLI batteries @ 180V and replaced them with 28 small 13.5 lb. 12 volt Hawker Genesis 16ahr @ 336V nominal, 378 lbs. total pack weight. The batteries and connectors layout drawing (right) is from 2-15-98 for the planned new rear seat area 336V pack of small Hawkers:

    (left) The compact little 'brick sized' Hawkers can belt out 750 amps from a 13.5 lb. package, stack neatly next to one another, and are easily connected with short copper bus bars. (right) An aluminum enclosure was designed and built to hold all 28 of the powerful little batteries. Rectangular cut-outs at the top of the rear wall are where the doubled runs of 1/0 positive and negative cables route through:

    After the pack was installed, new exterior signage was in order and includes Hawker sticker, an unoffical license plate warning of the electrical potential inside, and the ultimate message for slow gas cars trying to keep up at the top of the rear window!

  • Controller:

    Godzilla 1200 amp programable controller

  • 12 volt system:

    Baby Optima YT, no DC-DC - external charging required.

  • Other Mods:

    To facilitate 'dump charging' via a large external battery pack (17 Optima Yellow Tops @ 204V), an extra Bubba contactor was installed inside the new 336V rear seat pack of 28 small Hawker Genesis batteries. The contactor was mounted between two strings of 14 batteries for 168V on each side of the contactor. The top portion of the photo below shows it stuffed between the numerous small Hawkers:

    With the keyswitch 'on' this second contactor would be closed to complete the series wiring of all 28 batteries to give 336V. When the keyswitch was off, the contactor would open, leaving two 168V strings of Hawkers.

    (photo above) If the car's 'gas filler door' was open and the keyswitch was 'off', a microswitch would trip and power-on two 'charging contactors' (system located just behind the rear seat bulkhead in the trunk) that would parallel the two 168V strings of Hawkers to give a single 168V pack to receive the charge. High current (250 amps inrush, down to ~ 125 amps continuous) dump charge juice was routed from the 175 amp Anderson connector in the filler area through 4 gauge wires to the charging contactors, and an 80% bulk charge was completed in 3-4 minutes after a 1/4 mile run! This was the earliest version and those 12 gauge green wires got pretty hot during the first phase of charging..note the mulitple funky crimp-on butt splice connectors added after all four in-line safety fuses blew during a heavy charge between 1/4 mile runs. All external charging juice passed through the 500 amp 50 mv shunt (in-line with the 4 gauge negative charge lead) and on to a newly installed dash-mounted Emeter battery computer.

  • Car weight:

    1870 lbs. (est.)

  • Races and EVents

    3-7-1998 APS Races 'Saturday Night Electric Desert Drags'... Ran a 16.16 against Marvin Rush's stock GM EV1. (footage at 'Videos' page). Best ET of the night at 15.77

    5-7-1998 'EV Awareness Day'...White Zombie at OEVA's Portland electric car show.

  • Carnage:

    (1) 'Famous 'Plasma Boy' incident days before the races. Accidentally dropped the positive-most brass conducting bar onto the battery pack, created a high current short circuit resulting in a plasma incident that melted-down a good portion of the brand new 336V pack of 28 Hawker Genesis batteries...kids, don't try this at home:

    (2) At the races...broke right axle on launch.

    (3) At the races...twisted left axle.

    (4) At the races...broke ring gear teeth.

  • Plasmaboy Quotes:

    (1) 'Saturday Night Electric Desert Drags' ..."The big 11" Kostov is awesome in the White Zombie, as it is being hit hard with many amps and many volts. In this application, so far, it seems to be THE motor. At race-type higher voltages in excess of 240 volts, those interpoles are wonderful, too."

    (2) 'Saturday Night Electric Desert Drags'..."I was pretty pleased to have run 15.77 at a pinch over 80 mph, considering I snapped the axle, went sideways, completely let off the throttle, then punched it again only to have the tires (excuse me, the tire) spinning in fourth!"